Q: What is OSSO?
OSSO is a MicroKernel Operating System.

Q: Is OSSO complete?
No. Is currently being developed. By now it has an usable kernel, some system processes and very few utility programs.

Q: Is OSSO Open Source?
Yes. OSSO is released under the GNU GPL.

Q: Is OSSO a dead project?
No. It is alive. The work goes on slowly because we have not much free time to work on it.

Q: What do I need to build OSSO?
As OSSO is yet in its early stages, it requires a full operating Linux installation to be built. This is because we use Linux tools to develop OSSO. However, on the web sites you can download some precompiled floppy images.

Q: OK, I've got Linux. Now which programs do I need?
You need make, gcc, nasm, bcc, tcl (for xconfig program), mtools (to create the disk image).

Q: Is it safe to run it straight on my computer?
OSSO should not change anything for your computer, but I cannot guarantee it. USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. I assume NO RESPONSABILITIES for any damage or undesired effects OSSO could cause.

Q: Is there a safe way to run OSSO?
Yes. We test it using the BOCHS Pentium Emulator. You need to create a disk image with OSSO and then configure BOCHS to use it as its own boot disk. These are my configuration files and scripts: .mtoolsrc, .bochsrc, mkossobootdisk

Q: Why is your TODO list organized that way?
Because OSSO is composed of several subsystems: the kernel, the system (public processes and boot part), the c library, drivers and utility programs.

Q: What are you currently working on?
We are working mainly on a replanning and rewriting of the kernel using the knowledge we gained from the first version. Our actual goal is to have it stable and quite complete.

Q: Was that really Linus on your GuestBook?
I don't know but I don't think so. I have not asked him, beacuse I do not really care. He likes the monolithic architecture for his kernel and we like the microkernel one. Both those architecture have their own pros and cons, but, mainly, different target.

Q: Who are you? An who are "We"?
I am Alessandro Iurlano, the OSSO project creator and administrator and one of its main programmer. The people I refer as "we" are me and the other main OSSO programmers: Marco Peccianti and Stefano Rosellini.